14 Indonesian crew of Long Xing 629 arrive in Indonesia, KKP Minister promises to find jobs

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14 Indonesian crew working on the Chinese Long Xing 629 fishing ship arrived

A total of 14 Indonesian crew working on the Chinese Long Xing 629 fishing ship arrived at Soekarno-Hatta Airport after traveling for seven hours by air from South Korea, Friday (8/5) afternoon. Their arrival was welcomed by the Directorate General of Capture Fisheries of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP), Zulficar Mochtar.

The ministry continues to oversee the alleged exploitation of Indonesian Shipmen (ABK) who work on foreign vessels.

Minister of KKP Edhy Prabowo talked with ABK via telephone.

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“How are you? I hope everyone is still enthusiastic. I am sorry for the passing away of your friends,” Minister Edhy began the chat with the crew in a press release in Jakarta, Friday (8/5).

In the chat, Edhy made sure he would help find jobs for the crew. According to him, employment opportunities in the country’s fisheries sector are actually very open.

“I say hello to you, basically, I am trying to create jobs. God willing, jobs are very open in the fisheries sector,” said Edhy.

Upon arrival in Indonesia, 14 crew will return to undergo quarantine for 14 days according to the new coronavirus health protocol (Covid-19). “Now is the time to rest first. We, focus on following the procedures. Anything that is an obstacle while here, please convey to us,” said Edhy. As is known, the alleged exploitation of the ABK Long Xing 629 citizen was first revealed by the South Korean mass media. The crew members claimed to be employed more than 18 hours a day with very minimal salaries.

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