4 Practical Tips to Losing Weight and Getting Fit in Malaysia (Part 1)

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MalaysiaMalaysia – As a Malaysian myself, understanding all the Malaysian struggles in eating healthy and getting fit, I must say that I’ve found these tips rather helpful in getting fit and keeping fit. So hopefully they’ll be helpful for you too! Here are some Practical Tips to Losing Weight and Getting Fit in Malaysia.

# 1: Sleep Early

When your back strikes your bed, what do you do first? Unlock your phone, and stay up late watching YouTube or scrolling through Facebook or Instagram? Guilty as charged.

We have a bad habit of sleeping late. To begin with, it produces weariness and poor mental performance.

Second, the body’s hormones, including the hunger hormones leptin and ghrelin, are imbalanced. In a nutshell, an imbalance of these hormones might make you hungry sooner and make it harder to resist the urge to overeat. More information on the function of these hormones may be found here. However, a lack of sleep will make you want junk food and reduce your impulse control, leading to overeating huge servings of high-carb items.

Also, as the time between supper and bedtime rises when you’re up late, you’re more likely to snack. That, I believe, is sufficient cause to go to bed early. Also, you don’t eat while you’re asleep. That’s a win in and of itself!

What happens when you go to sleep revealed: Read to find out

# 2: Have a Quick Workout in the Morning

An early morning exercise has several advantages. Your stomach is empty just after you wake up, before you eat breakfast. Because you don’t have any carbs in your system, exercising will effectively push your body to burn fat.

And that is fantastic news, a fantastic reward for your efforts! However, avoid carbohydrate-rich items after the workout to prevent wiping out its positive benefits. Instead, focus on protein and fiber to achieve successful weight reduction and muscle growth.

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# 3: Consider Healthy Food Deliveries

Food is a very important aspect of getting in shape in KL. We all like eating, to the point that I believe it is Malaysia’s official favorite pastime.

It is quite simple to overeat and far more difficult to avoid doing so. As a result, instead of spending time, effort, energy, gasoline, and parking money by heading out to an unhealthy restaurant at our most vulnerable time (lunch), explore the option of healthy meal delivery.

Healthy convenience is becoming more popular, which is why these businesses are popping up all around KL.

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# 4: Stock Up on Fruits

There is no disputing the many advantages that fruits provide. So there’s no need for me to persuade you any more. So go out and grab some! However, issues occur when you don’t have time to stop by the fruit store since your hectic schedule limits your path to simply the workplace and home. So, to make things easier, I normally plan my week’s fruit consumption; sometimes for breakfast, other times for supper or as a light snack, and then stock up on fruits for the week.

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