400,000 Motorists Benefits from Toll-Free Skyway during Holy Week in the Philippines

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400,000 motorists benefits from toll free skyway during holy week in the philippines

It is anticipated that around 400,000 drivers would be able to save money by taking advantage of the toll-free Skyway Stage 3 in the Philippines, which connects the South Luzon Expressway to the North Luzon Expressway. The Holy Week begins on April 14. During the busy vacation season, the toll-free plan that will run from April 1 to April 4 attempts to reduce the amount of traffic congestion that occurs.

The elimination of tolls is the product of a partnership between the government and the private sector, with the objectives of enhancing mobility and shortening the amount of time needed for drivers to complete their journeys. Because it slashes travel time from SLEX to NLEX from two hours to just 20 minutes, the 18-kilometer elevated highway, which opened in January 2021, has already been heralded as a game-changer for commuters and businesses.

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Because it would give drivers with a path that is both quicker and less complicated to reach their destinations, the toll-free plan is anticipated to be a key magnet for vehicles commuting to and from Metro Manila during the week of Holy Week. During the holiday season, this action is considered as a means to increase tourism and stimulate economic activity, which are both goals that can be accomplished.

Motorists and members of the general public have expressed their gratitude to the government and the corporate sector for their efforts to increase mobility and decrease levels of traffic congestion by applauding the toll-free plan. As part of a larger effort to enhance transportation infrastructure and encourage sustainable development in the Philippines, it is anticipated that the project will be carried out once again for other significant holidays and events.

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