“A Priority to Sanitize when Someone went out during Lockdown”

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“A Priority to Sanitize when Someone went out during Lockdown”

Last updated on May 11th, 2021 at 08:49 am

Pharmacies, grocery stores, and banks are also open during this strengthened Public quarantine. You’ll have to go out when stocks need urgent restocking. Since COVID-19 is an invisible, indiscriminate threat.

Filipinos need to be diligent about keeping ourselves safe and healthy.

If it’s an emergency, someone can go out.

Only one person is allowed out of their home per household. Bring alcohol and a sanitizer if you have to leave the house. Should not expose your skin when you’re outside.

Arrange the face mask and other safety equipment within a separate pocket.

Keep your used (unreusable) safety equipment in a sealed garbage bag for at least 72 hours before leaving the bag outside for garbage collectors to pick up.

Remove the socks, and leave them off.

Thoroughly sanitize your shoes with a combination of bleach and water. Hang them by your front door on a shelf to be safe and don’t carry them inside your house.

In a box near your front door, leave your wallet, keys, cash, and coins.

Desinfect products that you carried out with a spray bottle filled with water and bleach, or a solution of 70 percent alcohol. Opt to keep a box near your front door to hold these items.

Shed out the clothes you used outside and put them in a different washbasin.

Designate the soiled clothes to a laundry bin outside your room. (This could involve a tent or a divider to be put, if you have one, so you can change it in private.) Immediately wash the outside clothes with bleach, detergent and water.

Wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds, before you touch something at home.

Place a bottle of alcohol or a hand sanitizer by the entrance. Don’t reach your house as soon as possible without getting your hands sanitized. If that is not possible, refrain from touching any items in your home without having to wash your hands with alcohol first, or better still, soap and water.

The moment you get home, take a shower.

Pay particular attention to uncovered parts of the body. Using a disinfectant soap, then wash yourself for a total of 20 seconds. During your extensive bath imagine taking all the germs off!

Also continuing to take precautionary steps.

Practice to move physically. Hold on washing your face. When you cough or sneeze cover your nose and mouth. Don’t leave your house as soon as possible, and clean the high-touch surfaces regularly. It’s always best to go the extra mile in times like these in doing what we can to keep ourselves and those around us safe, secure and calm.

When filipinos prioritize this, there will be low rate of infected virus due to discipline to always keep their hands clean.

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