A Proposal for Singkarak Lake Geopark Intensifies Development

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The public authority of Tanah Datar area, West Sumatra has proposed the foundation of nine geosites at Singkarak Lake Geopark to the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry. The nine geosites have been studied by the service which was shared by the top of the Tourism, Youth, and Sports Office of Tanah Datar locale, Abdul Hakim.

In view of this, The nine destinations are the polimic breccia development behind Istano Basa Pagaruyung, Aua Sarumpun Hill, Singkarak Lake antiquated silt, Singkarak alluvial fan complex, limestone windows arrangement at Kuantan Singkarak, just as Sopan Kijang Cave at Pangian town.

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Right now, the legislatures of Tanah Datar and four different areas and urban communities in West Sumatra are sitting tight for the Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry to introduce the locales after they were suggested by the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry, he said.

Consequently, The recreation center will be enlisted as a feature of the Ranah Minang National Geopark. Afterward, the West Sumatra common government will propose the public geopark be remembered for UNESCO Global Geopark Network.

The territorial office will likewise set up a conversation gathering to advertise the geoparks’ advancement to individuals around the locales. Along with this, The data place will expect to instruct people in general about the development of Lake Singkarak, proof supporting the arrangement, just as keeping up with the verdure around the lake.

The Head of Tanah Datar locale, Eka Putra, said that he was keen on fostering the geopark in view of its normal magnificence and recorded qualities. Other than being worldwide mainstream, we can likewise get different advantages from the geopark as it will likewise work on the monetary part of the local area.

Previously, The Tanah Datar locale organization has prepared convenience for a four-day short-term stay in Batusangkar for many cyclists taking part in the worldwide cycling race of Tour de Singkarak (TdS).

Morever, The taking part cyclists will remain for the time being at Batusangkar Town, Tanah Datar District, during the nights of the third, fourth, fifth, and 6th stages, Efrison, top of the Tanah Datar the travel industry office.

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