Anwar: Government needs to be more decisive in dealing with Covid-19

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PETALING JAYA – PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has hit out at the National Security Council after causing confusion over its movement control order (MCO) issued on Wednesday .

Anwar urging the relevant authorities to be more responsible as the public as voicing their worries and concerns with regard to the inconsistencies and changes made by the various departments and ministries with regards to the security, preparedness, travelling home and universities.

“We are facing a disaster and this means careful planning is needed.” He said in his Facebook post.

He also asked why the prime minister and his Cabinet ministers were not having daily top-level meetings to discuss the worries coming from the ground.

The Port Dickson MP also cited inconsistencies on cross-border travel, causing people to gather at police stations. and contradictory statements on higher learning colleges.

“If it continues beyond two weeks, they may not be able to control the quality of education. This has not been thought out,” he said.

He urged the government to also consider providing aid to for hawkers, fishermen, farmers and the poor who may not be able to survive the crisis.

“They do not have savings, If there are no immediate plans to help them, they will starve.” Anwar added.

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