Apple’s iOS 17.2 Brings New Spatial Video Feature To iPhone 15 Pro

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apple's ios 17.2 brings new spatial video feature to iphone 15 pro

Apple is introducing the latest update for the iPhone 15 Pro. They’ve added an exciting new feature in the iOS 17.2 beta 2 update, which lets users record spatial videos. This feature brings a whole new dimension to video recording on your iPhone.

To use this feature, you need to go to the Camera settings on your iPhone 15 Pro and turn on the option called ‘Spatial Video for Apple Vision Pro’. This is found under the camera formats section. Once you activate this, you’ll see a new ‘Spatial’ option in your Camera app’s video mode.

The spatial videos you record will be in 1080p resolution, which means they’ll be very clear and detailed. They’re recorded at 30 frames per second, ensuring smooth playback. 

However, this quality comes with a storage cost. Every minute of spatial video you record will take up about 130MB of space on your phone. So, if you’re planning to record a lot, you might need to keep an eye on your storage.

Now, what makes these spatial videos so special is how they’re meant to be experienced. Apple is planning to release a product called Vision Pro, an augmented and virtual reality headset, in early 2024. 

Speaking of this technology, Apple isn’t the only one in the game. Companies like Meta with their Quest 3 headset and Samsung, which is rumored to unveil a mixed-reality headset next year, are also exploring this space.

The whole idea behind spatial videos is to capture moments in three dimensions. This means when you watch these videos later, especially on devices like the Vision Pro, it will feel like you’re reliving those moments with an incredible sense of depth and realism. 

Imagine watching a video of a family gathering or a celebration with friends or your loved ones and feeling like you’re actually there!

So, the next time you’re recording a special moment on your iPhone 15 Pro, remember that with just a toggle in your settings, you can capture it in a way that lets you and others experience it in a whole new, immersive way in the near future. This is certainly a leap forward in how we capture and relive our memories.

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