As tourism collapses, ASEAN eyes for domestic travel

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Southeast Asia tourism

All over the Southeast Asia region, each country are now focusing on developing their domestic tourism as international travel collapses due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Several Asean countries are now offering hotel rooms at half price, its own citizens heading to their local beaches. The collapse in international travel has opened doors to further develop domestic tourism.

The regional bloc is also looking for a possible implementation of “travel bubble” wherein they would allow people to move across Southeast Asia on areas they have contained the coronavirus. A lot of member state in the Asean region still relies heavily on chinese tourist for revenues.

Countries will adapt the travel bubble when as they flatten the curb and businesses begins to open up. Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia remains the potential candidates in Asean.

Phuket, Thailand, with an average of 10-11million tourist are now wiped up by the coronavirus pandemic. A number of hotels in Phuket are applying for certification for their business to operate. With the travel bubble idea being float around, nations like Vietnam and Thailand need to further decrease the threat of the virus so citizen will be able to visit the region without the fear of getting infected.

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