ASEAN-Russia foreign ministers meet on on virus response

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HANOI – Russia foreign minister and the Asean foreign minister held a special video conference meeting to further strengthen the cooperation in response to  COVID-19.

The meeting was co-chaired by Indonesia as the current country Coordinator for ASEAN-Russia Dialogue Relations and the Russian Federation.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation said that the Russia-Asean strategic partnership meeting is vital for two partners to enhanced cooperation in all areas of mutual interest including public health and economic impact brought upon by the coronavirus pandemic.

The foreign ministers of the 10-member Southeast Asian regional bloc shared their concerns and gave updates of their country’s situation and response.

The diplomats showed their commitments to deepen partnerships in diseases readiness capacity and response in line with the World Health Organisation (WHO)’s International Health Regulations.

ASEAN and Russia also called for the international community to set aside differences and to act collectively in a spirit of responsibility during this current health crisis. The Russia foreign miniter also expressed willingness to support the COVID-19  ASEAN Response Fund by utilising resources of the  ASEAN-Russia dialogue partnership financial fund for such health emergencies.

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