Ateneo suspends Masses after Twitter sacrilege

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ateneo suspends masses after twitter sacrilege

Masses for Ateneo de Manila University students have been stopped since Tuesday, when an Ateneo Senior High School (ASHS) student reviewed the communion wafer he got on Twitter.

In a social media post that has since been removed, the campus ministry of the department stated that the objective was “reparation and atonement” for the ASHS member who had committed sacrilege.

According to the Catholic Church, sacrilege involves the profanation of the Holy Spirit.

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Tuesday’s additional email stated, “It has come to our knowledge that a kid did a sacrilegious conduct during our recent School-Wide Mass.” The whole Ateneo de Manila Senior High School community has our sincerest regrets for this sad situation.

The ASHS campus ministry stated that restitution and atonement-related events will follow.

In a Mass he attended on March 17, the senior high school student @feignedflowers reviewed a communion part as a “Ostiya Review.”

The Twitter user, who has since changed his identity and closed his page, stated that the communion wafer he got tasted similar to morning cereal, was not soggy, and had a nice crunch. He apologized afterwards, but netizens were not convinced.

On the Ateneo Senior High School’s Facebook page, daily online masses are still performed.

Thursday, the Catholic organisation ReNew Your Faith denounced the student’s behavior.

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