Bali in the Middle of COVID-19; A Photographers’ Showcase

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Denpasar Festival

Here’s what’s interesting at the 2020 Denpasar Festival, Bali, some 15 photographers from the local Balinese, national, and international mass media exhibited 40 photographs on COVID-19 handling at the ‘Bali in the center of the COVID-19 Pandemic’ exhibition.

From 3 October to 31 December, the photo exhibition will include 15 photographers, including seven from print media companies in Bali, three photographers from the ANTARA News Agency, a photographer from the European Press Agency, and four freelancers.

The photos on display shed light on the events after the start of the Bali pandemic, such as the return of foreigners from Bali due to COVID-19, the situation at Ngurah Rai Airport when the virus first emerged, swab tests at Badung Market, disinfectant spray officers at the homes of the people, and the Kumbasari Market exposed to COVID-19.

Other photos show the limitations on Denpasar cultural events, online learning and worship practices. In addition to continuing to trust in the work of photojournalists from the mainstream media, acknowledged by the Council of Press, an equally significant purpose is for the public to selectively skim through and read reports on the COVID-19 pandemic and to be weary of misleading fake news.

In fact, It will be held at the Dharma Negara Alaya Building, the exhibition is open to the public from 9 a.m. Up to 9 p.m. Local time as a mark of appreciation to photojournalists in Bali by the 2020 Denpasar Festival committee for their efforts to provide COVID-19 information via photos. Thus, the 2020 Denpasar Festival, scheduled to open on Saturday at 11 a.m. by Denpasar Mayor Ida Bagus Rai Dharmawijaya Mantra, Local time is intended to present the leading artistic products of Denpasar to the general public. In the form of phrases, inventions and contributions to the city.

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