Beijing Claims That “Doomed To Fail” Support For Taiwan’s Independence Causes Retaliation

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China ramped up its rhetoric about Taiwan, labeling any support for its independence as “doomed to fail,” and threatened retribution against US diplomatic visits to the island.  After the conclusion of a civil war in 1949, Taiwan has been administered independently from China, but Beijing considers the island part of its territories pending reunification.

The island is Washington’s flashpoint, pledging military assistance to the elected government and having sent two envoys in as many months to Taipei. The foreign ministry said at a press conference on Monday that the visits of the envoys were a judicial intrusion, and suggested retaliation.

China will take effective countermeasures, including targeting specific citizens, said Wang Wenbin, spokesman for the foreign ministry, without elaborating. He cautioned that the actions of the United States would further hurt relations” between the US and China. Mr. Wang added that any support for the independence of Taiwan is a dead end doomed to fail.

In 1979, Washington transferred diplomatic recognition to Beijing. Beijing opposes any acceptance of Taiwan, and has adopted a program of marginalizing the democratic island for decades.

Under President Donald Trump, Washington’s expanded outreach to Taiwan is among Beijing ‘s catalogue of sore points as nations battle on topics such as commerce, stability and the coronavirus pandemic.

Keith Krach, U.S. Undersecretary of State for Economic Development, Energy and the Atmosphere, wrapped up a weekend trip to Taiwan after a trip in August by U.S. Health Leader Alex Azar. Last Friday, during Mr Krach ‘s visit, Taiwan scrambled fighter jets as the Chinese military conducted drills along the Taiwan Strait. US State Secretary Mike Pompeo has accused China of intelligence blustering.

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