Birthday Photograph that Led to Criticism Must be Too Much

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The Malacañang defended President Rodrigo Duterte over photographs and a video that surfaced of his 76th birthday celebration recently.

They said that they don’t think the President at any point claimed to be poor. He has consistently been known as straightforward. That is the reason he didn’t have visitors on his birthday. To review, photographs of the president offering a supper to his family at home were shared by a congressperson on the web. Similar photos showed Duterte, wearing a shirt and shorts, smothering a light positioned on top of a cup of rice.

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Notwithstanding, a different video that circled via web-based media later on showed that the supper table was really weighed down with food, including lechon, a kind of meat generally put something aside for extraordinary events.

But the critics are they to say that acting poor for your birthday photograph operations when you’re not actually poor is simply ridiculing the individuals who really have nothing to put on their tables for their own birthday celebrations.

Duterte, who once portrayed himself as a “helpless man’s youngster,” held the picture of being a basic man carrying on with an economical way of life during his mission for the administration.

The video additionally later catches the president endeavoring to grab one of his family aides in her lower body, apparently jokingly. Because of broad analysis via web-based media, Roque went to the president’s protection, denying there was a picture being depicted and that the president was just being bona fide.

Talking in a meeting the Malacañang representative shot the president’s faultfinders for what he said was their “crab meantality.”

There may have been food served for unique events, yet that didn’t disregard any feeling of respectability. There was no excessive demonstration of abundance in light of the fact that the president was in shirt and shorts and commended distinctly with his family.

For this reason, It’s truly crab mindset for anybody to propose that the president was imagining. No, the President never imagines, he is known for his genuineness. He has straightforward festivals and I believe that is the thing that occurred on his birthday.

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