Blind Graduate Makes History as First Bar Passer in Philippines

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blind graduate makes history as first bar passer in philippines

Anthony Mark Emocling, a University of Baguio alumnus, made history as the first blind bar passer in the Philippines. Emocling was an inspiration to many since he surmounted challenges and broke down barriers to complete his legal studies at the University of Baguio and pass the Philippine bar exams.

Emocling lost his vision at the age of five due to a medical ailment, but he didn’t allow that stop him from pursuing his dreams. He began his law studies with the assistance of his family, friends, and the University of Baguio community, and he shown incredible resilience and perseverance.

Emocling persevered and excelled in his studies despite numerous challenges, such as gaining access to printed materials and navigating the legal curriculum. Because of his tenacity and diligence in clearing the bar exams on his first attempt, he became the first blind bar passer in Philippine history.

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Emocling’s accomplishment has not only raised him to the status of a role model for aspiring attorneys and persons with disabilities, but it also highlights the importance of diversity and accessibility in the legal profession and educational system. Emocling’s achievements demonstrate the ability of persons with disabilities to excel in their chosen sectors when given the right opportunities and support.

Emocling expressed gratitude to his family, friends, mentors, and the University of Baguio community for their unwavering support in the aftermath of his incredible achievement. He hopes that by sharing his story, others will be inspired to pursue their dreams despite hurdles and to break down any barriers that may stand in their way.

Emocling’s groundbreaking success exemplifies the importance of inclusivity and diversity in education and the legal profession, and it represents a significant milestone for the University of Baguio and the Philippines. As he begins his legal career, Emocling is well-positioned to have a positive effect on the legal community and to inspire others to overcome barriers and achieve their dreams.

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