“Boys Over Flowers” Sets Guinness World Record for Most Published Shojo Manga

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boys over flowers sets guinness world record for most published shojo manga

According to a recent joyful news, “Boys Over Flowers” has officially acquired the title of “Most Published Shojo Manga of All Time” in the Guinness World Records. Since its first debut in 1992, the cherished series has been an iconic mainstay in the world of manga, and it has since been converted into numerous kinds of media such as anime and drama series.

“Boys Over Flowers” has been acknowledged by the Guinness World Records team for its unprecedented success in the shojo manga genre. With over 64 million copies sold globally, it has become a household brand in Japan and all around the globe. The manga’s influence on the industry and its loyal following are indisputable, making it deserving of this tremendous honor.

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For those who are unaware with the plot, “Boys Over Flowers” chronicles the life of Tsukushi Makino, a girl who attends an exclusive high school for the affluent and powerful. She finds herself at conflict with the school’s infamous F4 gang of lads, who utilize their power and prestige to manipulate and harass their classmates. The plot explores themes of love, friendship, and social hierarchy, making it an accessible and entertaining read for readers of all ages.

The popularity of “Boys Over Flowers” demonstrates its enduring appeal and influence on the manga industry. The series has spawned several adaptations, spin-offs, and even a Korean drama series, solidifying its position in mainstream culture. Its inclusion in the Guinness World Records is a well-deserved accolade and a joyful occasion for its passionate fans and creators alike.

Finally, “Boys Over Flowers” has gone down in history as the most widely distributed shojo manga of all time. Its influence on the industry and devoted following have cemented its legacy as a treasured classic, and its inclusion in the Guinness Book of World Records attests to its enduring popularity.

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