Chairul Tanjung: Jiwasraya is new virus for Indonesia

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CT Corps Chairman Chairul Tanjung talked about global and domestic economic conditions at the CNBC Indonesia Economic Outlook 2020. According to him, one thing to watch out for at home is the scandal and the Jiwasraya case.

“Now we have a new virus in the country called Jiwasraya virus,” Chairul Tanjung, who is commonly called CT, said in his speech at CNBC Indonesia Economic Outlook 2020, at Ritz Carlton, SCBD, Wednesday (26/2).

According to him, Jiwasraya was like a virus because the problem developed into another problem.

He assured, Indonesia as a great nation should be able to overcome the challenges and crises. “In the era of the second Jokowi leader, the problems we face must be able to overcome. Moreover, this is the second period of government, of course it is already skilled and many things will be better that we can face,” Chairul said.

Chairul also hopes that in addition to facing uncertainty, in the future there will also be many good things facing Indonesia.

Earlier, he explained that in 2020 the market was guessing and finding out the conditions this year. Previously the world in 2019 went through a period of uncertainty such as trade war, Brexit, technological disruption, and climate change.

But it all turned into anxiety by starting with something that many people didn’t expect, namely the emergence of the coronavirus.

Coronavirus not only spread in China but has been to many countries, even now there are emergency conditions in South Korea, Iran, to Italy. The condition of the world is increasingly anxious because corona has changed from local endemic to global pandemic.

“This is something that must be anticipated going forward. The world of uncertainty is becoming anxious. The Economist magazine said that the market is in a state of public anxiety about what will happen,” he said.

As is known, Jiwasraya is currently experiencing financial problems. The company was forced to postpone payment of claims due in the amount of Rp802 billion in October 2018.

Jiwasraya’s records showed negative company equity of IDR 10.24 trillion and a deficit of IDR 15.83 trillion in 2018. Then, equity until September 2019 was negative at IDR 23.92 trillion.

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