Chinse gangsters are making Thailand their home

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chinse gangsters are making thailand their home

The confiscation of a private plane, supercars, narcotics, and sumptuous residences are just some of the rewards of crime that are raising uncomfortable concerns about how international criminals have effortlessly transferred millions of dollars worth of illegal money through the kingdom of Thailand.

Late in the month of October, during a statewide anti-drug operation conducted by the Thai police, a vast illegal nightlife den known as Jinling was discovered concealed under a car wash in Bangkok’s Sathorn business area.

This discovery marked the beginning of the scandal’s unfolding.

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It catered to a clientele that was almost entirely composed of Chinese people, dispensing bags of ketamine and various other party drugs in karaoke rooms that remained open until the wee hours of the morning.

Guests were permitted to store any drugs that they had not used up for their subsequent visit.

Similar inspections conducted in the resort town of Pattaya discovered links tying numerous suspected Chinese criminals through a web of Thai frontmen to authorities who had seemingly not seen these anything-goes nightlife establishments, despite the fact that they attract thousands of people each night.

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