Coronavirus Cases Confirmed, Retailers Call on Public to Not Panic Buying

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The public is advised to not purchase large amounts of products or panic buying due to fear in the wake of first Covid-19 or coronavirus confirmed cases in Indonesia,two positive women in Depok, East Java, on Monday, March 2. This was stated by the Association of Indonesian Retailers (Aprindo) Head Roy Mandey.

“Such excessive acts will create new unnecessary panic when all the community needs are sufficient,” said Roy in a written statement on Monday, March 2.

In order to meet the needs of Indonesian people amid coronavirus fear, like hand sanitizer and surgical masks, Roy explained that Aprindo retailers member, including modern supermarkets, are ready and capable for that.

Roy asserted that the most vital thing to do is maintaining the health, instead of panic buying. Also, he said for the people to not easily be influenced by hoaxes or fake news, but to trust and update information issued by the government and reliable media only.

Other than that, Roy also urged retail stores to continuously serve the community needs. Retail stores, he added, to take actions or policies needed to ensure that the stocks are sufficient.

As reported previously, President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo announced the first two confirmed cases of the new coronavirus in Indonesia, that was mother-daughter Indonesian citizens. They had been in contact with a Japanese citizen during the latter’s visit to Jakarta. Curently, the two COVID-19 patients are being treated in the isolation room at Sulianti Saroso Hospital in North Jakarta.

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