Dr Mahatir to Najib: Pending Corruption Trials Shall Resume Upon Parliament Debates

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As the issues continue to rise, here’s Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who swiped former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak today by saying that if the latter could be present for discussion in Parliament, his ongoing trials on corruption could also resume.

During today’s Budget 2021 discussion in Parliament, Dr Mahathir’s remarks came up where he expressed that he was not satisfied with Perikatan Nasional’s (PN) capacity to address the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting economic crisis with the recently tabled Budget for 2021.

He also said he did not agree with the decision to restrict the number of MPs present in the hall of Dewan Rakyat to 80. It is surprising that he has abandoned his court proceedings, however he may be in this hall. And then can’t the legal case go on? In the courtroom, you just have to restrict the number of journalists and witnesses as what is told.

He highlighted to just obey the SOPs. If  people are waiting for the conclusion of Covid-19, it can take years. The accused convict will be free.

In view of this, Dr Mahathir also said that when so many SOPs are in operation, the Dewan Rakyat should be able to have 222 MPs present without any problems.

A lot has been done with SOPs cince they had all the MPs checked. And if 80 MPs are present, since there is distance, it still feels like 222 MPs. Another thing, there are cardboard dividers, they are all seated in their own positions.

So if it already seems like there are 222 MPs present, there is no need to reduce the number. They are kept secure by plastic dividers. Although they understand the intention of the Speaker to keep everyone safe, it should not be this way until they are unable to perform their duties.

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