The Former President Stressed that there is no such thing as Abusive Power on His Term

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Any misuse of authority over the termination of Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali as Attorney General in 2018 was refuted by former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. This was said in the defensive statement submitted by Dr. Mahathir and the Federal Government as the first and second defendants in an RM2.2mil complaint filed by Apandi against them, respectively.

The Senior Federal Lawyer from the Attorney General’s Chambers signed the defense document and filed it on the 12th of November. In view of this, The defendants said the termination of Apandi’s contract as a legal officer was legal and adhered to legal clauses of the statement, which was seen by The Star. The defendants also claimed that there was nothing in the complaint of the appellant that identified the latter as worthy of exceptional or punitive damages.

The case was referred to High Court Deputy Registrar Norhatini Abd Hamid on the 13th of November for online case management. A search of the e-filing system revealed that the case was resolved by e-review on December 3 for further case management. Apandi filed a complaint against Dr. Mahathir and the government on Oct. 13 to declare that his resignation from his position as attorney general two years earlier was unlawful.

In its statement of argument, Apandi demands, inter alia, a statement that the first defendant committed an offense and interference in public service and a statement that the first defendant caused and induced a violation of contract between the defendant and the government. Morever, The retired Federal Court judge is still requesting a ruling that his firing was in violation of Article 145 of the Federal Constitution and a judgment that his termination as attorney general was not legitimate and thus unconstitutional.

Lastly, Special damages in the amount of RM2,233,599.36, general damages, exemplary and/or punitive damages, fees and any remedies that the court deems fit are requested by him.

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