Dynasty Politics: Kaesang Pangarep Follows Father Widodo’s Footsteps

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dynasty politics kaesang pangarep follows father widodo’s footsteps

Kaesang Pangarep, the youngest son of Indonesia President Jokowi Widodo, who is a member of Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) has risen to the ranks of chairman in just two days. All eyes are on this young leader who made a name for himself as a YouTuber and online influencer. 

Politics runs in Kaesang’s veins as he showed interest in running for office of Depok mayor. The 28-year-old discussed his political ambitions with his father before joining the PSI. And PSI also discussed the same with Jokowi before pulling in Kaesang. 

Grace Natalie, PSI leader, said that as a young political party, they seek Jokowi’s guidance as he is very experienced in politics. “We did casually mention what Pak Jokowi’s opinion would be if Kaesang were to join PSI. Pak Jokowi said it was up to Kaesang.” Natalie believes the president respects his children’s freedom to choose their path in life. 

Why did Kaesang Join PSI?

Analysts say Kaesang went with PSI because it’s a young and youthful party. The young leader said he joined PSI because it was still small. “I was interested in joining PSI because it was not yet in the DPR, and I want to fight with all my friends here so that in 2024, PSI will become a big party and will be in the DPR RI.” 

Kaesang wants his generation to be involved in public administration. He says going into politics is one of the ways for the youth to save their future. Kaesang believes he has the potential to do politics like his father. “He is a person who I really love and really respect, I want to follow in his footsteps in politics for good.”

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What Does this Mean for Jokowi?

However, Kaesang joining PSI may have repercussions for Jokowi. PDI-P, Jokowi’s party, rules ban cadres from having family members who are with other political parties. Murad Ismail, the governor of Maluku, was dismissed by the party because his wife joined a rival party. 

But sources say Jokowi will not have the same fate as Murad Ismail. Kevin O’Rourke, political risk consultant, said PDI-P will have to overlook its rules. He believes there’s no way PDI-P can oust Jokowi from the party as it would ruin their bid for 2024 election.

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