Filipino Firms Shine Bright on Forbes Asia’s Radar for 2023

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filipino firms shine bright on forbes asia's radar for 2023

Amidst the global innovation symphony, a unique Filipino overture resounds as nine companies etch their names onto Forbes Asia‘s exclusive 100 to Watch List for 2023. Each of these remarkable enterprises shares a common thread of innovation, aiming to cater to untapped markets, harness revolutionary technologies, and redefine the meaning of success. Forbes’ selection criteria, a fusion of strong revenue growth, investment magnetism, visionary business models, and compelling narratives, converge to spotlight these Filipino stars.

Unveiling the luminaries of this list

In a heartwarming ode to maternal care, Edamama cradles Filipino mothers with an array of baby gear, home essentials, and lifestyle treasures. Their crescendo? The opening of a tangible store in March, making their offerings more palpable.

Kindred’s poignant melody is that of women’s health, composing a symphony where gynecology, psychological well-being, fertility care, and vaccinations against STDs harmoniously intertwine. Their key? A judgment-free sanctuary for comprehensive care.

Kraver’s Canteen conducts a gastronomic concerto, boasting over 1,000 meal variations. The conductor’s wand? A commitment to ingredient transparency and nutrition insights, empowering customers to orchestrate dietary choices and compose meal plans spanning 12 weeks.

With virtuosity, Packworks orchestrates inventory management, sales data collection, pricing records, and a connection to fast-moving consumer goods companies for sari-sari store owners. The opus features over 270,000 businesses in harmony.

Peddlr’s melody strikes a chord with small businesses, enabling them to craft online storefronts and orchestrating sales, expense management, inventory harmony, and financial reports that resonate with digital harmony.

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Sarisuki’s musical score paints a fresco where customers summon fresh produce from local farms. The duet? Distribution via Sarisuki’s reseller network, reaching over 800,000 harmonious customers.

Shoppable Business conducts a sonata of authenticity, ensuring branded products are genuine. They lead a harmonic ensemble with 1,400 suppliers, including acclaimed brands like Samsung, Adidas, and Apple, resonating with a symphony of over 300 buyer companies.

Sprout Solutions conducts a rhythmic ballet, supporting employers with payroll automation and data-driven analytics. They choreograph salary advances with a harmony that amplifies HR efficiency.

In a melodious exchange, TANGGapp orchestrates online payments that bridge borders, uniting the United States and the Philippines in a harmonious transactional duet. A phone number concerto simplifies the tune for users.

This recognition of Filipino visionaries and their harmonious ventures celebrates not just their local impact but a global resonance. As their unique melodies unfold, they conduct a global symphony of innovation that is truly one-of-a-kind.

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