Food TikToker Keith Lee changes business owners’ lives

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food tiktoker keith lee changes business owners' lives

A TikTok-famous food reviewer who stated a struggling family company served one of the finest chicken wings he’s ever eaten prompted a significant surge of customers for the store, the owner told local news channel KTNV.

Keith Lee, who is located in Las Vegas who regularly uploads content taste-tasting food from small companies, uploaded a review on a local independent restaurant named Frankenson’s Pizzeria on January 3.

The TikToker, who has 8.1 million followers, opened his video by stating that an employee from the family-owned cafe had reached out to him, asking if he could test the meal and put it on TikTok because business has been “slow” and they “can’t afford rent.”

Lee stated that he went to the business to purchase food and had a dialogue with the proprietor, explaining that he was a food critic who planned to create a “honest” movie about the store.

Lee proceeded to eat numerous other foods from the pizza in his film, scoring most items at least an eight out of 10.

When he tried the fifth item, which was an order of lemon pepper sauce chicken wings, Lee chewed into the wing and stated, “This is one of the greatest wings I’ve ever eaten. This a 10.”

He then moved on to the pepperoni pizza and gave it a 9.8 out of 10, stating, “This is why I began creating films like this.”

“There is no way you should be late on rent, or fighting to pay rent,” Lee stated in the video, adding, “That meal is excellent.”

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The TikToker’s video became popular on the platform, gaining 31 million views, and other comments voiced their support for the company.

“Not me wanting to fly to Vegas simply to try all of Keith’s ideas,” remarked one response.

“My whole Vegas group eats at Frankenson’s pizza. Help assist this family run eatery,” added another.

Lee published a follow-up video on January 4, stating that Frankeson’s TikTok page received tens of thousands of followers in the twenty-four hours following the publication of his review and that the store was “swarmed” with consumers.

In an interview with the Las Vegas ABC station KTNV, Frank Steele, the owner of Frankenson’s, stated that Lee’s review caused a significant increase in orders and walk-in customers.

“Our phone was constantly ringing. I’ve sold more lemon pepper wings in the last two days than I have in the last four months,” he told the outlet, adding, “I’ve had customers from Iowa, California, and Lake Havasu. Due of this film, I had individuals travel from Utah.”

Steele told the source that he started the eatery four months ago, but that business was a “challenge” and he was only earning about $400 per day prior to Lee’s assessment.

“The reception has been overwhelmingly positive. I am working to stock up on food and supplies. I am bringing everyone in to help. I can only say thank you. This is a life-altering event,” He proceeded.

On January 8, Lee responded in a TikTok video to a tape of Steele’s interview with KTNV, stating, “That was unrelated to me. That was not my moment,” she said, adding, “Seeing him be so appreciative and emotional on national television was more than enough for me.”

Lee released a video on January 9 showing himself visiting Frankenson’s, capturing long lines inside the store, and greeting Steele, who, according to the caption, has been working 16-hour hours to satisfy the demand.

The popularity of Lee’s TikTok account has skyrocketed after his review of Frankeson’s went viral. According to analytics tracker SocialBlade, he garnered 800,000 followers in a single day on January 7 and got the attention of MrBeast, the world’s largest YouTuber, who commented on one of his TikToks and asked if he could give him chocolates from his chocolate company.

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