Here’s Why North Korea and Russia are Allies Amidst US Intrusion

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here's why north korea and russia are allies amidst us intrusion

The alliance between North Korea and Russia is one of the most intriguing alliances to emerge in a world characterized by shifting geopolitical forces. These two nations have formed a surprisingly enduring alliance despite their divergent histories and the aftereffects of US intervention. 

The History Behind North Korea and Russia

Russia and North Korea have been allies since the end of the Cold War. North Korea established diplomatic ties with the Soviet Union, which gave rise to modern-day Russia, at that time. Their prior relationships have made their current partnership possible.

The common interests of North Korea and Russia are one of the driving causes for this cooperation. Both nations have banded together to oppose what they perceive to be American interventionism. The American presence in the area, particularly its military ties with South Korea and Japan, has forced North Korea to go elsewhere for assistance, which Russia has gladly given.

Economic concerns are also important in this collaboration. Because of its economic isolation, North Korea is seeking trade and investment partners. Russia appears to be a suitable partner due to its richness of natural resources and closeness. The two countries have tried to strengthen their economic ties through initiatives such as the Rajin-Khasan project, a railway link between their countries.

Both Russia and North Korea are concerned about the region’s stability. Because the Korean Peninsula remains a potential flashpoint, both countries have an interest in avoiding an escalation of hostilities. Because Russia is a member of the UN Security Council, it can have an impact on diplomatic efforts concerning North Korea’s nuclear ambitions.

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‘You and Me Against the World’ Kind of Ally

International sanctions, which are mostly being pushed by the United States, have severely harmed North Korea’s economy. Russia has been charged with helping illegal commerce with North Korea while avoiding these sanctions. The international community, especially the US, which has made an effort to exert pressure on Russia to impose sanctions more strictly, has criticized this.

The cooperation between North Korea and Russia makes the balance of power on the planet even more difficult. The dominance of the United States and its allies in East Asia may be threatened as Russia strengthens its connections with North Korea and develops influence in regional and global events.

What’s Happening Between Them Recently

The unexpected visit of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Russia has sparked a buzz of speculation and eagerness in the world of diplomacy. The mysterious leader’s arrival is a significant and rare occurrence that raises concerns about its intent and its effects.

Kim Jong-un is not known for taking frequent excursions overseas; during his 12-year rule, he only took seven visits, two of which involved crossing the inter-Korean border. His occasional trips abroad added to the mystery surrounding his trip to Russia.

Russian official channel Rossiya 1 broke the news of Kim’s arrival first on Tuesday. The train, with its distinctive olive green paint job, was seen crossing a bridge in the television clip, allegedly transporting the North Korean leader. This tangible proof raised the suspense level surrounding the visit.

The visit will take place, according to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, and will be a “full-fledged visit” featuring negotiations between two parties. Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, and Kim Jong Un would also continue their talks one-on-one if necessary. The agenda’s specifics are unclear, but discussions are anticipated to include a wide range of subjects, including assistance for North Korea in need and sanctions imposed against Pyongyang by the UN Security Council.

Notably, American officials have made suggestions that North Korea and Russia may be making progress in their nuclear negotiations. It is believed that Kim and Putin will talk about whether Russia should participate in the continuing conflict in Ukraine, maybe by supplying weapons.

According to Japan’s Kyodo news, although the precise site of the meeting is unknown, there are signs that Kim’s train is moving even further north, toward the Amur area. There, at the Vostochny cosmodrome, a significant Russian spaceport, it’s probable that the North Korean leader may speak with Putin.

Both Pyongyang and Moscow vehemently refuted allegations that North Korea would give Russia armaments. Over the course of the 18-month war, Russia, which has taken a direct role in the fight in Ukraine, has used a substantial amount of weapons and resources.

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