HTMS Naresuan Suffers Setback After Accidentally Hitting Dock During Naval Security Exercise

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htms naresuan suffers setback after accidentally hitting dock during naval security exercise

The HTMS Naresuan, a frigate of the Royal Thai Navy (RTN), faced an unexpected setback when it accidentally collided with the dock at Map Ta Phut Naval base on July 26. The incident happened during the Naval Security Port and Ship Map Ta Phut Exercise 2023

It was a routine naval security exercise, where HTMS Naresuan was participating along with other vessels to bolster Thailand’s maritime defense capabilities. RTN spokesman Adm Pokkrong Monthatphalin said no crew member was injured in the accident. But I caused a minor scratch on the ship’s port side. 

Pokkrong said the ship’s port side hit the dock at an angle as it was leaving the mooring, causing damage to a torpedo launching pad and a life raft. He added the RTN has set up a committee to investigate the cause of the accident and evaluate the damage. 

HMTS Naresuan, named after the legendary Thai King, King Naresuan the Great, is one of the navy’s most crucial assets. Commissioned in the early 1990s, the frigate has been a vital component of Thailand’s maritime security and has participated in numerous exercises and operations to safeguard the nation’s territorial waters and maritime interests. 

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The Navy Security Port and Ship Map Ta Phut Exercise 2023, in which HTMS Naresuan was involved, aims to enhance coordination, communication, and operational readiness among different naval assets. This exercise was part of the navy’s ongoing efforts to strengthen its capabilities and maintain regional maritime stability

While the accident comes as a significant setback, experts agree that it underscores the importance of continuous training and safety protocols in naval operations. The Royal Thai Navy has a robust safety record, and such incidents are relatively rare. However, they serve as reminders of the inherent risks involved in maritime operations and the need for constant vigilance. 

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