Malaysia Considers AI Regulatory Framework

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malaysia considers ai regulatory framework

By exploring the creation of a legislative framework, the Malaysian government is taking a proactive stance to address the ethical concerns of artificial intelligence (AI). Fahmi Fadzil, Minister of Communications and Digital, emphasised the significance of comprehending the difficulties presented by AI and integrating specialists from government organisations and the industry in developing the framework. This action is in reaction to the growing adoption of AI technologies and their possible effects on the labour market. Fahmi also suggested creating a unique program in the Malay language to cover AI-related themes and expand the nation’s technology lexicon to increase public comprehension of AI.

There is rising worry about potential ethical problems associated with using AI applications as they are used more frequently across various industries. To overcome these difficulties and guarantee that AI technologies be adequately applied, the government has launched an endeavour to create an AI regulatory framework. The government aims to understand the ramifications of AI and develop policies that support moral and responsible AI usage by involving experts from government agencies and the industry.

The development of AI technology raises concerns about how it might affect the labour market. There are worries about job displacement and the need to upskill the workforce as AI systems are created to mimic human intellect and enhance themselves through iterative learning. As AI technologies are more fully incorporated into numerous businesses, the legal framework might include steps to address these worries and ensure a seamless transition.

Fahmi underlined the significance of raising awareness about AI among the general public, especially among Malay-speaking people. To do this, he proposed that Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) and Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP) work together to create a special Malay show that covers AI-related themes. The government hopes to do this by expanding the vocabulary of technical terms in the Malay language, which will make it simpler for people at all social levels to understand new technologies.

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Fahmi emphasised Malaysia’s goal of becoming a technologically advanced, high-income country in his keynote speech. He underlined the need for greater talent and knowledge in data and technology as the nation enters what he calls the “golden digital decade.” Launched in February 2021, the government’s MyDigital Initiative seeks to make Malaysia a regional leader in the digital economy. Making Malaysia a hub for robust and sustainable data centre investments is also being considered as part of broader initiatives to advance the nation’s digital transformation.

The government’s proactive approach to creating an AI regulatory framework demonstrates its dedication to addressing the moral issues raised by applying the technology. Malaysia wants to maximise the benefits of AI while assuring its appropriate and ethical application. To do this, it is enlisting experts and fostering public understanding of the technology. As its digital transformation begins, the nation aspires to be a dominant force in the digital economy, promoting wealth and economic growth for its people.

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