Indonesia Prepares a Ward if the Hospital Is Not Enough to Meet the Covid-19 Patient

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Achmad Yurianto as a Spokesperson related to Covid-19 refers to the way China handles Covid-19 patients to call the ward or large room as a solution if the hospital is not enough to accommodate all patients.

“If we look at the information sequel in China, the gymnastic hall is filled with many positive patients (Covid-19), all of whom are there,” Yuri said.

Previously, Yuri said that there would be a change in the handling mechanism of Covid-19 at a press conference related to the development of Covid-19 on Monday (3/16/2020).

These changes are the isolation of Corona positive patients not done individually anymore but in one ward.

“Being treated in one ward. That is, in one ward it contained several people, but positive (Covid-19) all. Do not interpret that isolation room is only one room that is commonly seen, not like that, “said Yuri, Tuesday (03/17/2020).

However, isolation in this ward does not apply to Covid-19 patients who require special treatment or have comorbidities other than Covid-19.

“We have already said that this isolation will not be carried out with the old terminology in which one person is one place, except on request or there are patients with physical conditions like that,” said Yuri.

The government considers that patients who have tested positive for Covid-19 are on average in good condition and do not require special treatment such as infusions or breathing apparatus so that they can be isolated on the ward.

“For example there are those who need (specific tools), but that is only used briefly. Even most do not need specific tools. This is what we will see actually they are in good condition, “Yuri said.

Regarding the ward location to be used, Yuri asserted that it could be done in any hospital, it did not have to be a referral hospital.

“Use any hospital that can be used. Pertamina Jaya has given all of its hospitals for Covid-19 treatment, “he said.

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