Indonesian Migrant workers to follow government imposed quarantine

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 Indonesia Indonesia – Ginting urged Indonesian migrant workers to not be anxious or worried about following the policy, as the government had readied facilities for quarantine and also increased the number of locations to undergo the process.

In addition, the government provides PCR tests at laboratories for migrant workers. If during examination, the test results come positive, then treatment and services will be commenced.

All Indonesian migrant workers returning from abroad should not harbor apprehensions about following the quarantine rules imposed by the government, Head of Health Management of the COVID-19 Task Force Alexander K. Ginting stated.

“Those going abroad and then returning are expected to comply with the quarantine procedures. This is because it is part of the Global Health Security,” Ginting noted in a productive dialog here on Thursday.

“The government will continue to care for and serve those who are sick. What is important is how the new variant of the virus does not transmit and how we manage to lock and keep it at the (country’s entry) gates,” Ginting remarked.

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He also emphasized that the government will strive to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 in communities by intensifying tests both through the whole genome sequencing (WGS) and S-gene target failure (SGTF) to conduct screening.

Ginting stated that his team will continue to monitor the conditions at each arrival entry points via land, sea, and air.

Hence, he urged all parties, who are travelers, to adhere to the imposed rules while implementing health protocols with greater discipline. “It is our collective job and responsibility to sound this all to people, who want to travel abroad or who return (to the country) to follow this (quarantine) procedure,” Ginting concluded.

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