Local hospitals supported by Thai people through donation

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Local hospitals in Thailand have been facing the lack of medical masks and supplies due to the virus outbreak and the government didn’t seem to sincerely assist with this matter. However, the president of the Help Crime Victim Club, Atchariya Ruangrattanaphong, has raised a donation campaign for Thais to give their money and turn in to masks and medical supplies.

The medical supplies are imported from China with certificate to ensure that the receiver will get a legal equipment in total of 60,000 pieces. This donation has been going on since last Tuesday and still counting. The club is showing the ineffectiveness of the government who were supposed to supply this equipment to doctors and nurses, but the lack of internal communication is the ministry creates this problem and the government can’t provide a legit explanation to solve this issue.

Early of March, there was a case of missing 200 million pieces of masks from the system which causing not enough of supply in the medical sector including the local Thais and it has brought the higher price in the black market up to nearly 20 baht per piece rather than 2.5 baht per piece. The president of the club is now investigating if there are group of people who is behind this scam. So far the department of health addressing that there are missing masks from the system 550,000 pieces per day and the rest of masks that being provided in the market are under quality.

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