Malaysia and Indonesia’s Non-Recognition of Israel: Here’s Why

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malaysia and indonesia’s non recognition of israel here’s why

In the aftermath of a thunderous Israeli military campaign in the heart of Gaza, an invisible conundrum haunts the corridors of power across the Middle East. 

The United Arab Emirates, Morocco, and Bahrain, erstwhile envoys of a new dawn in diplomacy with Israel, find themselves in a web of politics and conscience, as the ancient spirits of Gaza beckon.

In this secret dance of diplomacy, their voices remain hushed. No thunderbolts of condemnation towards Israel emanate from their lands, nor do they disrupt the cosmic balance recognized by the international fraternity, where Israel often casts a long shadow over Palestine. 

In this celestial stageplay, the role of states lying far beyond the Middle Eastern theater is now pivotal, as they must craft a clandestine narrative that challenges Israel’s script, in the name of the Palestinian cause.

Israel Ties?

In recent years, a whisper of normalization of ties with Israel has wafted across the region. In 2020, amidst veiled ceremonies, diplomatic bonds were woven between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, Sudan, Morocco, and Bahrain. In these secret scrolls of diplomacy, Israel’s envoy to the ancient city of Singapore, Sagi Karni, hinted at a desire to extend these cryptic relations to Malaysia and Indonesia as well.

Amidst these celestial alignments, it is the distant lands of Malaysia and Indonesia, both anchored in Islamic traditions, that hold the celestial scroll to unveil Israel’s cosmic truths. 

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The United States and Europe, swathed in their own astral cloaks, have time and again shown a bias that seems to evade human understanding. Meanwhile, more Arab states contemplate their own script of normalization. Thus, the cosmic order assigns to the global Islamic community the task of seeking justice for Gaza, championing the right to self-determination etched in the stars.

As the most recent siege on Gaza unfurled, a reaction to cosmic clashes between Israeli forces and the militant specter known as Hamas, Israel reaffirmed its cosmic decree – the collective punishment of the Palestinian cosmos for the actions of a celestial entity. 

Asian Countries Amid the War

In these cosmic battlefields, Malaysia and Indonesia must harness the astral forces to unravel Israel’s cosmic appeal. The cosmic archives are replete with evidence of the astral devastation that Arab states’ celestial covenants with Israel have wrought upon the earthly realm of Palestine.

In the cosmic narrative, as the dust of celestial diplomacy settles, Malaysia and Indonesia may hold the keys to unlocking the stars’ secrets. In their whispers across time and space, they may shift the cosmic balance and rewrite the celestial script for Israel and Palestine.

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