Malaysian Airlines, JAL partners for Joint-Business

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KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysian Airlines and Japanese Airlines are set to launch a joint partnership on July 25, 2020, where the two airliner will cooperate commercially on flights between Malaysia and Japan

According to the joint statement released, This initiative will enable both airlines to enhance their capabilities and leverage on each other’s strengths. With the Japanese’ precision in service and offerings together the Malaysian hospitality to be able to provide customer with the best travel experiences.

oth airlines will also observe strict implementation on the protection measure to further eliminate the spread of the virus.

Group Chief Executive Officer of Malaysia Airlines Captain Izham Ismail said that he is excited that the joint business will be launching after few months of delay due to travel restrictions and lockdown. He is optimistic that both country will be opening travel bubble. President of Japan Airlines, Yuji Akasaka said He looks forward on the newest joint business partnership. He also added that JAL and Malaysia Airlines will ensure the highest standards of safety and hygiene will be implemented.

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