Netflix PH Adaptation ‘Keys to the Heart’ Gets on the Top 10 Roster

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netflix ph adaptation 'keys to the heart' gets on the top 10 roster

In a clandestine coup, the Filipino adaptation of the South Korean film “Keys to the Heart” has silently climbed the ranks, securing a covert spot in Netflix’s top three for the week of October 9 to 15. This enigmatic ascent not only underscores the film’s triumphant journey but also pays homage to its heartfelt narrative and an exceptional ensemble of talents.

What is “Keys to the Heart” all about?

The adaptation boasts a stellar cast, including the versatile Zanjoe Marudo, internationally acclaimed actress Dolly de Leon, Miss Universe Philippines 2023 Michelle Dee, and the prodigious Elijah Canlas.

Director Kerwin Go, renowned for his work in “Mina-Anud,” has injected fresh life into this retelling, infusing it with a profound new meaning. “It’s a celebration of family, unconventional bonds, and the uncharted territory of blended families. It extends beyond blood relations to encompass those you adopt, friends who become family, and neighbors who serendipitously become as significant as kin,” Go confided during the See What’s Next: Philippines 2023 local titles launch.

Originally a South Korean gem, “Keys to the Heart” is a 2018 Korean film that featured the stellar Lee Byung-hun and Park Jung-min. It unfurls the narrative of Jo-ha (Lee Byung-hun), a pugilist who reconnects with his estranged younger brother, Jin-tae (Park Jung-tae), a piano prodigy with Savant Syndrome.

Another Korean Philippine adaptation

In this evocative Philippine adaptation, Zanjoe breathes life into Joma, a devoted boxer who becomes the caretaker of his younger brother, Jayjay (Elijah Canlas), a pianist with remarkable talent despite his autism. Encouraged by their mother, Sylvia (Dolly de Leon), Joma and Jayjay embark on a transformative journey to partake in a piano competition. Along this path, they cross paths with Annette (Michelle Dee), a gifted piano virtuoso who has shelved her passion due to a shattering experience.

The undercover success of this heartwarming adaptation resonates profoundly with audiences, exemplifying the art of storytelling that transcends boundaries and thrives in obscurity. It spotlights the universal themes of family, love, and acceptance, creating an indelible impression on a global scale.

For aficionados of Netflix’s concealed treasures, a forthcoming delight awaits. “The Cheating Game,” featuring Rayver Cruz and Julie Anne San Jose, is poised to debut on Netflix Philippines on October 26, promising a hidden cache of Filipino entertainment that will undoubtedly captivate in stealthy fashion.

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