No PNR Duties between March 12 and 14 in the Midst of Coronavirus Scare

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The Philippine National Railways (PNR) has suspended work from Thursday till Saturday to give way to its Executive Building for “cleaning and disinfecting” as cases of COVID-19 have increased in the region.

In an advisory, PNR stated that it would stop their work from March 12 through March 14, In adherence to the protocols developed by the DOH.

Yet PNR spokeswoman Jo Geronimo said the warning would not protect its train operations. Notwithstanding the work stoppage at the PNR office she said train services would begin.

DOH confirmed reporting 49 cases of COVID-19 inside the country as of March 11. Two of the confirmed cases have already died on Wednesday night with the new death identified–Patient No. 35 or “PH 35,” a 67-year-old Filipino woman confined to the Manila Doctors Hospital.

COVID-19 is a respiratory disease caused by the novel coronavirus which was first reported in December 2019 in China’s city of Wuhan in Hubei province.

The novel coronavirus was called SARS-CoV-2 by the International Committee on Virus Taxonomy.

The novel coronavirus causes respiratory symptoms, including fever and cough, but it can also cause severe illnesses, particularly for older adults and people with chronic health conditions, such as pneumonia.

The coronavirus is a family of viruses with crown-like appearance on the surfaces. The viruses on their surfaces are named after spikes.

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