Pertamina Jaya Hospital, Siloam International Hospitals launch hospitals for Covid-19 patients; South Tangerang Govt opens quarantine zone

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Pertamina Jaya Hospital, Siloam International Hospitals launch hospitals for Covid-19 patients; South Tangerang Govt opens quarantine zone

Positive patients of the new coronavirus infection or COVID-19 and patients under monitoring for the disease (PDP) are now have more options to have treatment because Pertamina Jaya Hospital (RSPJ) has now officially operated to specifically treat them

“As another referral hospital tapped by the Indonesian government, RSPJ will accept patients referred from other hospitals that have provided medical care before,” said Dr. Fathema Djan Rahmat, the director of Pertamedika IHC, the corporate holding of SOE Hospitals, in a written statement in Jakarta, Tuesday, April 14.

RSPJ also established a 24-hour hotline number 0811 8110 9999 so that other hospitals could refer patients through the call to the Crisis Center, which also acts as a triage point to determine the priority of patients’ next intensive treatments based on the severity of their condition whether moderate, severe, or critical clinical symptoms.

Pertamedika IHC that is fully backed by the SOE Ministry and its parent firm Pertamina has prepared 160 beds and other intensive care facilities.

“Besides, RSPJ will receive referrals of the laboratory examinations for CoV-2 PCR swab tests,” Fathema added.

According to RSPJ Director Syafik Ahmad, 70 beds consisting of 65 beds for inpatient services and five beds for emergencies were set in the hospital. Also a total of 20 specialist doctors and 200 nurses were mobilized.

Another hospital, Siloam International Hospitals has also officially launched two hospitals designated for Covid-19 patients. The hospitals with a combined capacity have more than 630 beds.

The two hospitals in Tangerang and South Jakarta have been well-equipped and in full operational readiness, Siloam Hospitals director Anang Prayudi said on Monday.

The company’s all 39 hospitals across the country are also ready to perform swab tests, he said.

Earlier this month, Health Minister Terawan Agus Putranto issued a decision stating that the government will cover the costs of medical treatment for all Covid-19 patients. He also stipulated on April 6, that hospitals treating Covid-19 patients may ask reimbursement from the government.

However, the government funding won’t be sufficient to cover all the costs spent by private hospitals who don’t receive subsidies and financial support from the state budget, Anang said.

Siloam has decided to support the government by opening the Covid-19 hospitals at a time when new cases continue to surge. The hospitals also to support by filling the gap between the Health Ministry’s funding and the actual costs without charging the patients.

Siloam’s first Covid-19 hospital is located on Jalan Kelapa Dua 1001, Tangerang, Banten, with a capacity of 214 beds plus another 21 beds in the intensive care unit. Contact number for the facility is 0852-11332181.

The second facility is Siloam Mampang, on Jalan Mampang Prapatan Raya 12, South Jakarta, with 415 beds. Its ICU has additional 18 beds. Direct call to Siloam Mampang can go to 0813-98677821.

The Health Ministry has appointed Siloam Hospitals as part of the country’s authorized entities to perform the swab tests during Covid-19 pandemic.

On the other hand, the South Tangerang City Government has converted the  Integrated Agricultural Area (KPT) in Ciater, Serpong, into a quarantine location for People under Monitoring (ODP) and Patients under Surveillance (PDP). The quarantine location is temporarily called COVID-19 Monitoring Center (Rumah Lawan COVID-19), and have been running the construction since last week.

Mayor of South Tangerang, Airin Rachmi Diany, stated that the COVID-19 Management Center will be in operation starting this week.

Airin explained that the COVID-19 Monitoring Center will directly be managed by the Health Service. All medical assistance, including personnel from the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI), will be enlisted.

Coordinator of the South Tangerang COVID-19 Monitoring Center, Suhara, explained that the quarantine location has a capacity of 120 beds and equipped  with a cupboard, a table, chairs, wifi, and a television specifically for ODP patients. The quarantine location also staffed with medical personnel consisting of doctors, nurses, janitors, and personnel specifically tasked with food provision for patients.

The COVID-19 Monitoring Center will be secured by police officers, the National Military (TNI), and officers of the Public Order Agency (Satpol PP).

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