Price gap, former Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries criticizes reasons for allowing export of lobster seed

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The lobster seeds are still being polemic seeing the profit and loss of the policy taken by the government through the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries who opened the commodity for export.

There is a considerable price difference between the price at the level of fishermen and middlemen/collectors. As conveyed by the researcher of the Center of Maritime Studies for Humanity, Abdul Halim, that the price of lobster at the level of fishermen catching lobster seeds and at the level of middlemen is far different.

From the results of the confirmation with fishermen in Aceh and East Lombok, the price of lobster seeds at the fishermen level is only around Rp 3,000 to Rp 4,500. While at the level of middlemen, the price of lobster can multiply, ie Rp. 15,000 to Rp. 20,000.

In fact, it is known the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Edhy Prabowo regulates the price of lobster purchased from fishermen must not be less than Rp 5,000.

But in fact, in terms of the country’s foreign exchange, Non-Tax State Revenue (PNBP) from lobster seed exports only reach tens or tens of thousands of rupiah. PNBP per 1,000 seeds is only Rp. 250.

“The issuance of new regulations to improve the welfare of fishermen. Now, are the time and energy expended by fishermen in proportion to the value they receive? It is impossible if-then lobster fishing fishermen can live well,” Halim said in an online discussion on Thursday, July 23.

Moreover, seeing the price of lobster seeds which are now cheaper when compared to the period of the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries held by Susi Pudjiastuti. At that time, lobster seeds were prohibited for export, the prices ranged from Rp 40,000 – Rp 60,000 at the fishermen level.

Now, after the export of lobster seeds being legalized, regulated by a quota, prices have even declined. Fishermen only get Rp. 7,000 – Rp. 15,000 at most.

Maritime and Fisheries Minister Edhy Prabowo previously required exporters to buy lobster seeds at Rp 5,000 per fish from fishermen. He will revoke the business license which gives a price lower than Rp 5,000.

This was highlighted by former Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Susi Pudjiastuti, who returned to flicking the export policy of lobster seeds issued by Edhy Prabowo.

Susi wondered at one of the reasons it allowed to export lobster seeds because many fishermen were living as seed seekers. In fact, marine resources are not just lobster seeds.

“Now we are discussing, what will the seed takers take if they don’t take the seeds? Yes, it’s funny, at that time in the sea it only contained lobster seeds? There were seeds because there were lobster lobsters. These big lobsters were caught, not the seeds,” Susi said in an online discussion Thursday, July 23.

Susi said that the lobster seed export policy was weird, because only Indonesia allowed lobster seed exports. Some countries such as Australia, the Philippines, Cuba, and Sri Lanka do not take lobster seeds for export.

“If you cannot catch the seeds, (the fishermen) cannot catch the others? Oh, you can. There are thousands of species of fish in the sea. Catch (lobster) which is 200 grams in size, or at least 100 grams,” said Susi.

Susi is actually worried that if lobster seeds are taken, small fishermen will no longer get money from catching lobster with the size of consumption.

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