10 Small Business Ideas in Philippines 2022

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small business ideas in philippines

The Philippines’ business sector is able to prosper as a result of less limitations on corporate operations and rising consumer demand for goods and services. In spite of the pandemic and economic uncertainty, 86% of small to medium-sized organisations (SMEs) expect to grow their businesses, according to the Sun Life Business Growth and Resilience Index 2022.

Want to create your own business endeavour, become your own boss, and participate in this lucrative market? Here are some small company ideas in the Philippines that you may start with little money if you’re asking, “What small businesses can I start in the Philippines?”

1) Meat Shop

A meat shop is a good business to establish with little startup money if you live in a place where the market is somewhat distant. Take processed meats like tapa, tocino, longganisa, and others as a starting point. Price them reasonably to provide a healthy profit margin.

You can also start selling poultry meat for just 20,000 down payment. Simply include pork and beef as your company expands.

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2) Plant Shop

You are able to set up your own nursery or plant shop and sell your plants there if you have enough room and an accessible location, such as close to major roads. You might even open an online nursery. You may still contact your target clients online who appreciate urban gardening with less room.

Cacti and succulents are good starter plants. A reputable source will sell you about 30 pieces for under 2,000. The most well-liked plants in the Philippines can be purchased cheaply if you look for a reliable supplier outside of Metro Manila, such as marigolds for 50 cents each, Forget-Me-Nots for 100 cents each, or orchids for 130 cents each. Caladiums and snake plants are available for between 100 and 200.

3) Milk Tea Business

Cups, a milk tea shaker, straws, milk tea components and syrups, electric sealers, film sealers, measuring spoons, and cups

Enjoy milk tea? Now, you only need 20,000 to start your own milk tea company.

The popularity of milk tea is fantastic because it is enjoyed all year round. And when they’re hungry or thirsty or both, Filipinos find it difficult to resist a wonderful and cooling milk tea!

There are numerous internet vendors selling milk tea company packages that include all necessary tools, materials, and utensils. You can open a storefront at home or construct a mobile stand or cart. Accept orders online and provide delivery and pickup choices. The size and scope of your milk tea business actually determine this.

4) Face Mask Business

Do you enjoy using your hands to create something beautiful and useful? Why not start a business selling handcrafted washable face masks?

Invest in tightly woven cotton fabric for face masks to increase their effectiveness against droplets. You can pick several patterns or designs that will resonate with your target audience. For those who enjoy basic, minimalist designs, pick prints with adorable kawaii characters, bold prints for the creative types, or classic, modest colours.

Around 15 face masks may be made from a yard of 44-inch wide fabric, which sells for between $120 and $150 per yard. Of course, the cost will differ depending on the cloth kind. But remember to include the cost of your time as well.

5) Beauty Products Reselling Business

The enormous 152 billion dollar beauty business in the nation is projected to grow to 213 billion dollars by 2023. If you love beauty but lack the enormous funds to launch your own brand, you can resale beauty products.

You can begin reselling goods from more well-known brands like Skin Magical, Human Heart Nature, Avon, and Ryx Skincerity with a budget of $5,000. One of the simplest businesses to launch from home with 50,000 or less is this one.

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6) Online Tutoring Business

Learning is now easier to obtain, even from the comfort of our homes, thanks to the internet. Using Zoom or Skype, you can instruct students and aspiring enthusiasts when you run an online tutoring service.

For Filipino instructors, musicians, and artists who want to reach a wide audience with their knowledge, this is the best small business concept. All you need to launch this business, presuming you have the necessary skills, is a computer, a good webcam, headphones, and a steady internet connection.

7) Vlogging

Do you have a talent for hosting or telling stories? Become a vlogger. Utilize your skills and low-cost video producing equipment to generate revenue.

Use a smartphone capable of high-resolution video recording to vlog, produce engaging content, and post videos to websites like YouTube, Instagram, or your own blog. You can write about whatever you’re enthusiastic about, such as humour, sports, or travel. You might also wish to create cosmetic tutorials, advice for other mothers, or whatever else you believe is worthwhile.

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8) Web Design Business

You can launch a web design company and serve new businesses looking to create their own websites. You can also make your services available to anyone that desire their own personal websites. One of the easiest home-based small business ventures in the Philippines is this one.

The startup cost for additional tools can be as low as 5,000 if you already have the necessary industry experience and expertise. Depending on your client, this business can make anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000 in profit.

9) Bicycle Shop Business

Although the Philippines isn’t as bicycle-friendly as other nations, demand for bicycles is rising, particularly now that people are beginning to recognise cycling as a secure and effective form of transportation.

In addition to selling bicycles, you can also provide tools, rentals, and repairs. Depending on the goods and services you want to offer, the capital for this kind of small business starts at 100,000. To increase your chances of making money, locate your business close to a popular biking route or in an area with lots of foot traffic.

10) Car Wash

Customers have a consistent need for a car wash service. If you have experience with cars and auto detailing, this is an excellent business venture. To maximise the potential for business growth, you can set up a car wash business in a busy area. One of the best small business ideas for those who love cars is a car wash.

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