Top 10 Youtuber in the Philippines 2023

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top 10 youtuber in the philippines

It’s possible that you’ve heard of these famous names who have quit their regular careers in order to concentrate on making films and uploading them to YouTube full-time. These people are known as “YouTubers,” and they make a living off of their craft on the platform. Pinoy vloggers are the perfect example of a “0 to hero” situation as all of them nearly came from very different pasts. 

Let’s take a look at the 15 most successful YouTubers in the Philippines that make a living off of their online channels and see how much money they make.

Below are the top 10 Youtuber in the Philippines 2023:

RankYoutuberSubscriber count
1Raffy Tulfo23.9 M
2Ivana Alawi15 M
3Niana Guerrero14.8 M
4Alex Gonzaga13 M
5Cong TV10.5 M
6Viy Cortez6.08 M
7Zack Tabudlo1.69 M
8Rei Germar1.55 M
9Ry Velasco907K
10Ashley Garcia484K

1. Raffy Tulfo in Action

Placing first, Raffy Tulfo is the one of the top 10 youtubers in the Philippines 2023. Even before the advent of the YouTube era, Raffy Tulfo and his brothers had already established themselves as entertainers of note. Their audience grew fond of them as a result of the investigative journalism that they practiced and Raffy’s “voice of the masses” approach.

As a result, it should not come as a surprise that “Raffy Tulfo in Action,” a channel owned by pinoy vlogger Raffy Tulfo, has become the most popular YouTube channel in the Philippines. The first episode of the show was uploaded to YouTube on April 20, 2016, and since then, the channel’s channel has amassed more than 8,000 recordings.

The content that is produced by the channel, which is known as RTIA, has as its primary objective the administration of justice to average members of society who have been victimized by those in positions of authority. However, there are instances when the films talk about grievances that regular people have against one another and the attempts that the team makes to mediate between the two groups of individuals.

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2. Ivana Alawi

Second on the list of the top 10 youtubers in the Philippines is actress Ivana Alawi. She is of mixed heritage, having one parent from the Philippines and the other from Morocco. A veteran of the ABS-CBN sitcoms Ang Probinsyano and Mea Culpa, she will next be seen on those programs in 2019. On the other hand, she already had a YouTube channel on June 1, 2018.

All of Ivana’s videos offer a glimpse into the routine activities that the actress and her family participate in on an ordinary day. This pinoy vlogger’s content often includes appearances from her family members, her friends, and even her housekeepers. Sometimes, she will let her followers decide the stuff that she posts, and the results are always amusing. Mona, who is her younger sister, also has her own YouTube channel that features entertainment that is comparable.

3. Niana Guerrero 

Niana Guerrero is a teenage YouTuber who shot to fame in 2017 after posting a dance rendition of Despacito on the platform. Her cover featured her dancing to the song. After waiting another year, she finally signed up for TikTok and started posting dance covers. Niana only at 16 years old placed third on the top 10 youtubers in the Philippines 2023. 

The majority of her videos on YouTube are simply extended versions of the dance covers that she posts on TikTok. On the other hand, she also has videos of challenges and vlogs. The most recent entry on this pinoy vlogger was titled “Dog Shelter Volunteers For a Day,” and it received 353,344 views in just six days. It showed her working at the PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center alongside her half-brother Ranz, who is also one of the most well-paid YouTubers in the Philippines.

4. Alex Gonzaga

Alex Gonzaga is aware of how to differentiate herself from her older sister, Toni Gonzaga, who is also quite successful. Both sisters have their own channels on YouTube, however in contrast to Niana Guerrero and Ranz Kyle, the content genres included on their channels are as distinct as their own personalities.

This pinoy vlogger’s content are amusing and slightly more personal, in contrast to Toni’s, which are recognized for the serious chats that Toni has in “Toni Talks.” The majority of her films feature her traveling with her family, her talks with her parents, and various pranks that she plays on them. She went so far as to create a spoof film in which she pretended to be trying to sell her Diamond Play button from YouTube.

5. Cong TV

One of the most established and long-running Filipino YouTuber channels is called Cong TV. Pinoy vlogger Cong, whose real name is Lincoln Velasquez, has been posting videos to the website for the past 14 years. In February of 2008, he launched his own channel on YouTube and soon rose to fame thanks to the “street comedy” routines that he creates, which the average Filipino can easily identify with. The fact that Cong spoke Tagalog rather than English became an important factor in his rise to fame.

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The programming that is offered on Cong TV is highly varied. As the viewership of his channel increased, he began creating additional shows that were compiled into playlists. Cong adapted his material to the new genre in 2015, taking advantage of the rising popularity of video blogs. Vlogs currently make up the majority of his output, with videos of his “Usapang…” and “Sampung Utos” productions scattered throughout.

6. Viy Cortez

The meteoric ascent to fame that Viy Cortez has experienced on YouTube is truly remarkable. After beginning her YouTube channel in 2016, she has already amassed more than half of her husband Cong TV’s subscriber count in just the past six years. Despite the fact that she has only made 485 videos so far, her YouTube channel has 6.06 million followers at this point.

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Pinoy vlogger Viy began posting comedic videos on her channel in the same way that Cong does. Cong’s content initially consisted of street humor, but she has since expanded to include prank videos and other humorous material. Soon after, Viy began posting vines, also known as short films, as well as vlogs on her YouTube channel, beginning with the video titled “Spicy Noodle Challenge,” which was first made available on September 6, 2017.

7. Zack Tabudlo

Placing 7th on the list is one of the top 10 youtubers in the Philippines, Zack Tabudlo, who rose to fame after participating in the inaugural season of The Voice Kids (Philippines). He was one among the contestants. He never gave up on his dreams of being a musician and finally established himself as one of the most talented songwriters in the nation. When he secured a contract with Island Records Philippines in the year 2020, things started looking up for his career.

The majority of Zack’s content consists of his music videos and footage from behind-the-scenes during the making of those songs. On the other hand, he also shares song covers, replies to challenges, and prank videos on his studio channel. In addition to that, he works on cover songs with a number of different performers.

8. Rei Germar

In 2017, pinoy vlogger Rei Germar’s name was brought to the forefront of the cultural conversation as a result of a video on a Divisoria haul that went viral. Before then, she had a following that included 700 different subscribers. This figure jumped to a thousand all of a sudden.

After five years of posting content on the streaming platform, lifestyle vlogger Rei Germar has amassed a following of more than 1.5 million subscribers. This 25-year-old beauty and fashion influencer is likely already familiar to you, given the size of her vast and devoted fan base. She is currently one of the top 10 youtuber in the Philippines 2023. 

9. Ry Velasco

Ry Velasco is a well-known social media personality hailing from the Philippines. She is well known for her self-titled YouTube channel. This pinoy vlogger’s trip vlogs, which she posts on her channel, are the primary reason for her widespread popularity. Velasco’s fashion and beauty vlogging on YouTube includes skincare routines, makeup tips, and hauls. Altogether, her videos have been viewed more than 69 million times.

If you’ve been following Ry on YouTube for a while, you’re probably familiar with the college vlogs that she posts there. Ry has been active on YouTube for quite some time. 2019 marked the completion of her studies toward a degree in Export Management.

10. Ashley Garcia

Ashley Garcia, a 22-year-old fashion and lifestyle YouTuber, is one of the go-to content creators that YouTube has provided us over the past several years. Ashley is one of the up-and-coming content creators to watch for if you are in need of new and relatable stuff to binge at home. 

Ashley’s fondness for student-friendly fashion choices is one of the distinguishing features of her YouTube channel, which can be seen as one of its defining traits. The thrift flip video series that she does is one of the forms of material that she creates that has seen the most success. You might also see her imitating classic celebrity looks by shopping at ukay-ukay stores for the necessary things and then putting together her versions of the outfits.

Considering the wide variety of the aforementioned ten, who is your favorite? Comment down below!

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