How to Load Satlite Using Gcash 2023

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how to load satlite using gcash

Gcash has a lot of features that make financial transactions more practical and open to everyone. Learn how to load SatLite with Gcash. Now, even individuals without bank accounts can easily transfer, save, and withdraw funds. If you’re unsure how to load SatLite with Gcash, read this article carefully for more details.

The craze right now is prepaid cable. No need to wait in line to pay a bill or pay excessive cable rates. With the help of SatLite and Gcash, it’s simple to recharge your phone while travelling and only pay for what you actually need.

Gcash is a popular cryptocurrency, but what is SatLite? A prepaid TV cable company powered by Cignal is called SatLite. It makes cable available to people who prefer to pay for TV as they watch it instead of being obligated to a contract with exorbitant fees. Using Gcash to watch and reload is as easy as 1-2-3. Find out below How To Load SatLite Using Gcash.

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To load SatLite using Gcash, follow the steps listed below.

– Access the Gcash application on your phone. From the drop-down option, choose “Buy Load.”

– At the bottom of the screen, next to “Buy Load,” click the NEXT button.

– Drag the mouse pointer over the PAYTV tab.

– What you need is called SatLite Load. Three options are available to you: load 99, 199, or 299 Press the Next button after choosing the desired bundle.

– On the Payment page, click Pay Php XX (amount of the bundle) to continue with your order.

– After then, the confirmation page will show up.

– Await the arrival of the text message containing your SatLite PIN. You’ll need your PIN for the next transaction, so keep track of it.

– Text SATLITE(space)PIN(space)SatLite Account Number to 5353 from your mobile device after exiting Gcash. For instance, send the text SATLITE 12345678901234 9898123 to 5353.

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– Await the text message confirmation that the reload was successful.

An online self-service loading tool called Cignal Web Loading Tool credits purchased load to the registered Prepaid account. This is available to Cignal Prepaid Subscribers who bought (unused) Cignal Reload Cards and e-Pins. The same rules apply to SatLite subscribers who bought (unused) e-Pins and SatLite Reload Cards.

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