Song of the Bandits: What you should know about upcoming K-drama on Netflix

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song of the bandits what you should know about upcoming k drama on netflix

Last updated on June 29th, 2023 at 07:52 pm

“Song of the Bandits,” the upcoming Netflix k-drama series, has been making headlines in recent days. It is set to be released this year. With filming recently completed, fans are excited about the release of the K-drama.

Song of the Bandits is written by Han Jung Hoon (Bad Guys) and directed by Hwang Joon Hyuk (Black Dog). What should you know about the upcoming Song of the Bandits K-drama?

Plot of Song of the Bandits

Song of the Bandits is an action melodrama. It is set in the 1920s, during the Japanese colonial period, when Korea was ruled by Japan from 1910 to 1945. The series includes a group of people who will fight for their rights. However, other plot details of Song of the Bandits are limited at the moment.

Cast of Song of the Bandits

Kim Nam Gil, a South Korean actor, producer, director, singer, and philanthropist, will play the role of Lee Yoon. He is famous for his K-dramas Pandora, The Shameless, and The Fiery Priest. Song of the Bandits will be his official Netflix debut.

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Seo Hyun, a South Korean singer, actress, and songwriter, will portray the role of Nam Hee Shin. She is famous for starring in the on-stage Korean adaptations of Gone with the Wind and Mamma Mia! This will be her first Netflix drama.

Yoo Jae Myung, a famous South Korean actor, will portray the role of Choi Choon Soo. Song of the Bandit will be his 10th appearance on Netflix. He previously acted in Vincenzo, Juvenile Justice, Itaewon Class, and The Sound of Magic.

Lee Hyun Wook, who is famous for his roles in the television series Hell Is Other People, Mine and Remarriage & Desires, will portray the role of Lee Kwang Il in Song of the Bandit. 

Number of episodes in Song of the Bandit 

The exact number of episodes for the series is yet to be announced.

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