The Death Rate Due to COVID-19 in Indonesia Rises 24.4 Percent in a Week

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National COVID-19 Task Force Spokesperson, Wiku Adisasmito, said that in the past week, the death rate from the coronavirus (Covid-19) in Indonesia has increased quite significantly.

Wiku Adisasmito said the data had been updated as of August 31, 2020.

There are four regions with an increase in the mortality rate of more than 100 percent, such as Central Java, Aceh, Bali, and Riau. Meanwhile, in Central Java, the increase in death cases rose from 60 to 144.

Wiku also said that Bengkulu is a province with the highest mortality rate with 7.29 percent. Followed by Central Java 7.18 percent, East Java 7.07 percent, West Nusa Tenggara 5.76 percent, and South Sumatra 5.68 percent

Also, there are five provinces with the lowest cure rates for COVID-19, namely, Aceh 15.38 percent, Jambi 49.34 percent, Bengkulu 53.06 percent, Riau 55.49 percent, and West Java 55.81 percent.

There are five provinces with the highest COVID-19 cure rates, such as Central Sulawesi 90.87 percent, Bangka Belitung Islands 90.79 percent, NTT 88.14 percent, Gorontalo 86.87 percent, and Bali 85.76 percent.

On August 31, Wiku said that the death rate due to COVID-19 in Indonesia reached 4.2 percent of the total cases and is higher than the world average death rate of 3.34 percent.

In weekly coronavirus cases, Wiku revealed that Indonesia has recorded a 32.9 percent increase and five provinces are accounting for most of the new infections. Such as West Java, Central Java, East Kalimantan, DKI Jakarta, and East Java.

“The five highest increases in weekly cases are in West Java, with a more than 100 percent surge from 707 cases to 1,681 cases. Central Java up to 56.4 percent from 837 cases to 1,309 cases, and East Kalimantan, up 392. percent from 732 cases to 1,019 cases,” Wiku said during an online press conference from the Presidential Office, Tuesday, August 2.

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo ordered regional heads to make efforts to reduce the death rate of coronavirus patients in their respective regions. Jokowi also acknowledged that currently, the COVID-19 death rate in Indonesia has indeed decreased to 4.2 percent from April 2020

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