The Last of Us Part II’s Use of Scissors as Weapons Draws Criticism

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the last of us part ii's use of scissors as weapons draws criticism

The Last of Us Part II has been met with both critical acclaim and commercial success, but some gamers have taken umbrage with the game’s depiction of crafted weapons.

Specifically, the utilization of scissors as a weapon has been criticized as unrealistic, with detractors arguing that scissors would be impractical in a genuine combat scenario.

In response, the game’s developers, Naughty Dog, have clarified that while they strive for realism, they also prioritize gameplay and entertainment value. They explained that scissors were chosen as a weapon because of their recognizability and versatility.

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Supporters of the game have defended the use of scissors, noting that the game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where resources are limited and innovation is paramount.

They contend that in such a context, virtually anything can serve as a weapon if utilized correctly.

Despite the criticisms, The Last of Us Part II remains an immensely popular and beloved game, with many gamers appreciating its emotional complexity and immersive gameplay.

The ongoing debate regarding the feasibility of scissors as a weapon only adds to the ongoing discourse surrounding the game’s themes and mechanics.

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