The Love You Give Me Episode 17: Release date and more

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the love you give me episode 17 release date and more


Once, a girl by the name of Min Hui fell in love with a boy by the name of Xin Qi. Since they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, they even started planning their wedding. But things between them started to get difficult. Xin Qi had a dangerous and potentially deadly heart condition. They misread one another, and they acrimoniously split separated.

They cross paths again at a business event years later. The corporate world has seen success for both Xin Qi and Min Hui, with Xin Qi eventually advancing to the post of R&D director at a tech company. They decide that “fate” brought them back together for a reason, and they start talking.

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However, Min Hui discloses the existence of her son. Additionally, a paternity test appears to prove that Xin Qi is the child’s father! To the delight of the child, Xin Qi replies by assuming a paternal role. But will this turn them back toward romance? Or has their beloved ship already sailed away?

Release date

Episode 17 of The Love You Give Me will be available online on various platforms from May 8, 2023.

Min Hui met Xin Qi by chance and fell in love with her, but they split up after having a disagreement. Years later, Min Hui and Xin Qi met up again and fell in love. They shared both heartwarming and heartbreaking anecdotes in their personal and professional lives.


The cast of The Love You Give Me includes Wang Yu Wen, Wang Zi Qi, Cui Yi Xin, Li Chuan, Ma Xin Rui, Chen Xin Hai, Li Xing Yao, Kim Jin, Jill Hsu, Mei Bao Lai, Li Wei Long, Aliya, Su Zi Shan, Bao Da Zhi, Han Ming Xi, Zhang Ling Yi, etc.

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