So Not Worth It Season 2: Release date, Cast and more

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so not worth it season 2 release date cast and more

After binge-watching the first season of ‘So not worth it’ in June 2021, fans are now eagerly anticipating the release of season 2. The fact that the show portrays contemporary South Korea has helped it expand its fan bases all over the world. Hyun-min is not only one of the cast members in the program; she is also the first Korean African model to be well-known in South Korea.

Moreover, the cast of the show is excellent, and you will undoubtedly fall in love with each character. The public is eager to learn more about season 2 because season 1 has already come to a conclusion. And how can a sitcom simply wrap up after season one, you ask? Here are all the information we are aware of on the So Not Worth It season 2 release date.

Release date

Each episode of the first season has experienced significant growth in popularity, and many critics expressed their enjoyment of the show. Here are the details we currently know about the second season of the show. The premiere date for So Not Worth It Season 2 hasn’t been officially confirmed, and the original creators of the show haven’t yet decided to continue it.

The first season of So Not Worth It received numerous reviews, the majority of which were quite favorable, however some viewers weren’t very fond of the program. However, given the show’s favorable ratings, a second season is very likely.

Recap of Season 1

The group of pals must deal with the ups and downs of college life because they are students. As a result, in the start of season 1, the show focused on all the highs and lows the gang had while attending college. Hyun-min is incredibly desperate to find a college residence, as we call a hostel. because of the lengthy commute from home. He eventually succeeded in entering the hostel, but the solution he offered was just temporary.

Since the start of the first season, romance has swept through the college, and relationships between Se-Wan and Jammie and Minnie and Sam have also begun. And as is customary, no relationship is without conflict. There is therefore a lot of drama.


For the forthcoming seasons they have planned, sitcoms typically use the same cast. Therefore, it’s possible that the show’s core group will return. Consequently, Carson Allen (Carson), Han Hyun-min (Hyun-min), Minnie (Minnie), Park Se-wan (Se-wan), Choi Young-Jae (Sam), Shin Hyun-Seung (Jamie), Terris Brown (Terris), and Joakim Sorensen (Hans). For the second season, this cast could possibly return. In the forthcoming season, there may be some fresh faces as well.

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