So not worth it: Cast, Release date and more

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so not worth it cast release date and more

Drama series So Not Worth It is a Netflix Original. On June 18, 2021, a brand-new TV series premiered on the Netflix network. In its first season, there are 12 episodes. Se Wan was portrayed in the series by Park Se Wan.

The characters in this Korean sitcom, which follows a similar plot structure, are a group of friends from various multicultural backgrounds who share a dorm room at a university. You would have been enthusiastic about the show just after this portion. The show also tells the tale of their connections, joint adventures, close friendship, and all other qualities that true friends should possess.

Release date

We have conducted extensive research for your favorite show and made a release date prediction based on information we obtained from reliable sources. So Not Worth It that season 1 received numerous reviews, the majority of which were extremely positive, however some viewers didn’t particularly enjoy the program. Yet, given the show’s favorable ratings, a second season is extremely likely.

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For the forthcoming seasons they have planned, sitcoms typically use the same cast. So, it’s possible that the show’s core group will return. In light of this, Joakim Sorensen, Carson Allen, Park Se-wan, Choi Young-Jae, Shin Hyun-Seung, Sam, Minnie, Hyun-min, and Carson Allen (Hans). For the second season, this cast could possibly return. In the forthcoming season, there may be some fresh faces as well.

Being a sitcom, the main cast would be returning. So, your favorite character will appear again in season 2. Although the cast has not been officially announced, we can speculate.


They do not offer you the first season’s conclusion because it is a sitcom. You will have to wait a while to witness the show’s conclusion. If we discuss the anticipated season 2 storyline. The show might then go into greater detail on the gang and how they dealt with their inner problems. And how they maintain both their friendship and their relationships side by side.

In addition, we could envision several of them developing relationships with one another before breaking them off. Every sitcom contains a lot of powerful emotion. As a result, there may be occasions when you cry. All the characters in the show will make you feel a connection to them.

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