K-Pop Group Blackpink Launches Mobile Game

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k pop group blackpink launches mobile game

In collaboration with Takeone, YG Entertainment will release, in the second quarter of this year, a mobile game that makes use of the intellectual property of Blackpink.

YG revealed on Tuesday that the player of Blackpink The Game assumes the role of a producer responsible for developing the members of Blackpink into K-pop idols.

The player will be able to customize the Blackpink members’ avatars, in addition to participating in training and business management exercises.

Also, players have the ability to converse with other users from all around the world.

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Blackpink was involved in the project and contributed to the development of content for the game by helping to generate songs and a music video.

“Players will have the opportunity to interact with Blackpink in a variety of settings that have never been seen before,” the developer said. According to YG Entertainment, “We hope that fans of Blackpink all over the world may enjoy the unique environment that is featured in Blackpink The Game.”

Takeone announced the release of the game by saying, “We are thrilled to launch the first official game of the world famous K-pop girl group Blackpink. With our expertise in the production of content games and the active engagement of Blackpink members, we will demonstrate a game that is unlike any other.”

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