Zack Tabudlo reacts to BTS’ Jungkook knowing his song

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zack tabudlo reacts to bts' jungkook knowing his song

As BTS member Jungkook listened to Zack Tabudlo’s song “Give Me Your Forever,” the Filipino singer-songwriter is ecstatic.

Tuesday, March 14: During his livestream on the Weverse website, the K-pop star performed the song after a Filipino fan requested it.

“Please listen to ‘Give Me Your Forever’ by Zack Tabudlo, I think you’ll enjoy it,” wrote Twitter user kookobviously.

Videos of Jungkook stating that Zack’s singing is good and that he will add the song to his playlist have also surfaced on social networking sites.

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After learning that Jungkook had listened to his music, Zack could not contain his joy. “Jungkook, the. A Golden Maknae. Just finished listening to “Give Me Your Forever.” I can finally die peacefully. Oh my God. He even mentioned adding my tunes to his playlist,” he wrote.

This is not the first time a member of BTS has heard a song by a Filipino artist. On July 2022, “Sorry” by Paolo Sandejas was featured on V’s vlog for BTS. “It’s still being processed. I’m not sure what I did to deserve this, but V and the rest of the ARMY are the only ones I can thank,” Paolo stated at the time.

Zack Tabudlo, 21 years old, initially appeared as a competitor on The Voice Kids during its inaugural season. In 2020, he debuted with the track “Nangangamba.” Other popular songs by him include “Binibini,” “Pano,” “Yakap,” and “Habang Buhay.”

In June of 2013, Jungkook debuted as the lead vocalist and lead dancer for BTS. The K-pop supergroup is well-known for their songs “Fake Love,” “Spring Day,” “Boy with LUV,” “Fire,” and “Life Continues.”

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