The PAO Poll Cease to Function in Sparking Youth Curiosity

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The upcoming elections for the Provincial Administrative Organisation may cease to function in attracting a great deal of interest from young voters. This is from the study of the experts. In view of this, The elections will be held across 76 provinces with the seats of PAO presidents and representatives.

It would be new for the local elections since May 2014 since military coup was orchestrated by the National Council for Peace and Order along with the fears that they could incite violence, the council decidedly prevented them.

Political scientists are fascinated to know whether voters specifically the young, first-time voters, would be excited by the revived local poll. In fact, at the general election in March last year when many of them swept the now extinct Future Forward Party to power, young voters were highly active. The 80 MPs won the new-look FFP and seized its position as the third-largest party in parliament.

Consequaently, The Election Commission is predicting a turnout of as much as 70-75 percent and some believe young voters might hold sway again. Even so, In some districts and provinces, the younger generation can be relied on to undermine what critics argue is the longstanding domination of political dynasties.

On the other hand, The Radical Movement which was co-founded by former FFP chief Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit, is capitalising on young voters. His party is competing in 42 provinces for the PAO chairman and contesting member seats which has lobbied hard for reforms. Mr Thanathorn himself frequently hit the campaign trail to support the local campaigners of the party.

The PAO poll may not be the magnet that many look forward to from voters.

But despite a long seven-year absence, the government and EC are doing nothing to motivate citizens to vote.

The importance of this is that the survey is obsolete, having been organized too close to the New Year. For the holidays, voters may have returned home and may be hesitant to waste time and money only travelling to vote in local elections. PAOs are often regarded as conducting business that is far from the daily lives of people.

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