The success of the historic UAE Hope Probe

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The first United Arab Emirates mission to Mars arrived on the red planet on Tuesday and successfully entered the orbit on its first attempt.

The Emirates Mars Mission, the Hope Probe, historically confirmed it was in orbit.

“Success! Relationship with #HopeProbe has been established again. The insertion of Mars Orbit is now complete,” according to a tweet from the mission’s Twitter account at 11:16 am Eastern Time.

The UAE Space Agency uses live coverage of  Hope on February 9. When the spacecraft arrived, Hope Probe marked the UAE as the fifth country in history to reach the red planet and the first for the Arab world. Mission ambitions do not stop there.

The research, along with its three scientific instruments, is expected to create the first complete portrait of Mars’ atmosphere. The instrument will collect different data in the atmosphere to measure seasonal and daily changes.

The Hope mission is backed by expert expertise, the purpose of which is clearly stated program is to develop Emirates ’capabilities in the field.

The UAE government project team confirmed that having the necessary equipment is not good enough; the research team must be done and handled by specialized Emirati engineers.

More than 200 of the brightest engineering minds in the country are working on the development of Hope, men and women. The building is largely in the University of Colorado University of Atmospheric and Space Physics Laboratory (LASP), with significant work being done at the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center in Dubai.

The UAE administration succeeds in the quantum leap of their the space sector

The UAE space program made history as the fifth country in the world to reach the Red Planet, after the Soviet Union, NASA, ESA, and India.

“The team has prepared as best it can to prepare for orbit around Mars,” said Sarah Al Amiri, head of the UAE Space Agency.

There is some very interesting knowledge if all things go well. But for the UAE and its allies, the Emirates Mars Mission is less about ending the journey that began last summer. It is about the future of space programs that want to take on more ambitious projects, and countries that want to be a new hub of technological and scientific innovation for Asia. Whether the Hope mission is successful or not, the effect is already felt.

Hope Probe does not bring astronauts, but precise and programmed scientific tools

Emirates Mars Mission – which cost about US $ 200 million ($ 258 million) – launched the Hope Probe from Japan’s space station. Hope Research was launched from Tanegashima airport in Japan on July 20, 2020 after two scheduled launches had to be canceled due to bad weather.

To give better clarify on this , a probe is a spacecraft moving through space to collect scientific information. Probe has no astronauts and it sends data back to Earth for scientists to study.

This aims to provide a complete overview of the Martian atmosphere for the first time, studying daily and seasonal changes.

Hope Probe is equipped with three advanced scientific instruments aimed at collecting data on the state of the red planet.

The first is EXI, Emirates Exploration Imager, which will study the lower atmosphere of Mars using visible light, such as conventional cameras. It will produce high-resolution images of the planet’s surface and measure the depth of ice using optical technology.

EMIRS, Mars Infrared Spectrometer, will use infrared technology to measure the distribution of dust, ice clouds, water vapor, and different temperatures across the lower planetary atmosphere.

EMUS is the Mars Hope Emirates Ultraviolet Spectrometer, which uses ultraviolet light to study the levels of carbon monoxide and oxygen in the atmosphere, and will study how these levels change over a period of time.

UAE Minister of State for Advanced Technology and UAE Space Agency chairman Sarah al-Amiri said it would take several weeks to begin collecting a mix of data and images, which will be available to the public in early September.

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