To serve COVID-19 stay-home note at dedicated facilities, all travelers to Singapore from Malaysia, Japan

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SINGAPORE: All travelers entering Singapore from Malaysia or Japan on Sunday (Nov 22) from 11.59pm would need to take notice of a complete 14-day stay-home period at dedicated offices, the Wellness Service (MOH) said on Friday.

In view of the revival of cases in Malaysia and Japan, the multi-ministerial task force has closely monitored the global circumstances of COVID-19 and will repair border controls,”The multi-ministry task force has been closely checking the worldwide COVID-19 circumstance and will be fixing border measures given the resurgence of cases in Malaysia and Japan,”

The proposed measures will extend to any travellers who have a history of commuting to one of the two countries in the past 14 days.

In addition, all passengers, with the exception of citizens of Singapore and permanent residents, entering Singapore on November 27 from 11.59pm who have a travel background to Malaysia within the past 14 days will be allowed to take a COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) examination within 72 hours of departure.

Given the sharp spike in cases as of late in Malaysia, all travelers entering Singapore from 22 Nov. 11.59pm who have a travel background (counting travel) to Malaysia within the past 14 days will be expected to fulfill a dedicated 14-day stay-home warning… MOH offices said.

This also extends to travelers entering Singapore and returning Singapore-based travellers under the Singapore-Malaysia Mutual Green Lane to operate under the Periodic Commuting Scheme.

As a condition of permission to enter Singapore, travelers who need to take a PCR test will have to present a correct negative COVID-19 test score, MOH said.

For returning Singapore-based travelers on the Singapore-Malaysia Reciprocal Green Lane, this condition may not apply.

As the global situation changes, MOH said Singapore’s border policies will continue to be changed to handle the possibility of importation and transmission to the population.

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