Top 10 Criminals in the Philippines

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top 10 criminals in the philippines

The country is known for having some of the most notorious criminals in the past who have been in the wanted lists of the police from various countries. In this article, we will look at the top 10 criminals in the Philippines.


Another lawbreaker from Manila’s Tondo is shown here. Asing Salonga, a prominent gang boss who battled local rival gangs, instilled fear throughout Tondo. He has been accused of a wide range of crimes, including murder and homicide, but he always manages to escape punishment.

He was shot on October 7, 1951, while out drinking following a baptism by a goon from an opposing gang.


Many Filipinos are afraid of Leo Echegaray since he was the first prisoner from their country to die by lethal injection. And with good reason. Echegaray, who had been found guilty of repeatedly raping his own daughter, was put to death on February 5th, 1999.


Bingbong, the son of the governor of Ilocos Sur, was raised in a good household but quickly gained notoriety for committing a string of atrocities that spread panic throughout the province. He was ultimately given a double life sentence for arson and is now incarcerated in Muntinlupa.


He was raised in poverty on the streets of Tondo, Manila, and quickly found himself behind bars for theft. He was regularly sodomised in prison, but his good looks won out in the end. The accusation that his pregnant wife had been raped by a jail officer, which led to her killing herself, was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

With all the hatred he had inside of him, Baby Ama worked his way up to become the boss of the “Sige sige” gang, which under his direction participated in the largest jail riot against the “Oxo oxo” rival gang in Muntinlupa, which resulted in 9 prisoners being killed and 1 being beheaded. Baby Ama was electrocuted in 1961 despite being granted a pardon and having his sentence changed to life in prison.


Another outlaw is presented in a movie, but he is much older this time. When he was still a young man, Nardong Putik’s name began making news as one of the accused participants in the Maragondon massacre, a carnage in which the mayor, the police chief, and numerous policemen were killed by thugs brandishing hunting knives. He was jailed but eventually managed to get out, a pattern that will soon become his signature.


Butch was convicted in a high-profile homicide case and was one of the younger gang bosses in the criminal underground. He was an extremist who had received Communist indoctrination. However, his tale had a happy conclusion since he quickly realised that serving God was his calling. He wrote extensively while incarcerated, exposing the internal injustices of the system.


Former stuntman turned police hater turned multifaceted criminal, Ben Tumbling is a former stuntman. He has a history of engaging in robberies, drug trafficking, and murder. He claims that 7 officers had died from gunshot wounds.

He was a native of Malabon and quickly became known as the dreaded policeman murderer. Similar to another A-lister here, Baby Ama, he supposedly suffered from police brutality, had his genitals electrocuted, and had his skull severely struck by a chair. As a result, he harbours a deep-seated hatred for the police.

Ben’s acrobatic existence, as fate would have it, came to an end on March 13, 1981, when police tracked him and shot him. People in Malabon are claimed to have sobbed aloud as a result of the occurrence.


Alvin was trained and enlisted by the dreaded Alex Boncayao Brigade (ABB), and he quickly discovered a method to apply his newly acquired skills toward a more advantageous goal. His name was immediately connected to a number of risky crimes, including the Greenbelt 5 heist in 2009, after he formed a crew. He was shot and killed in Compostela, Cebu, despite his apparently changed appearance (he underwent plastic surgery).


This individual, who is from Cebu, appears to have an insatiable hunger for raping women. According to rumours, Waway possesses supernatural abilities and is driven to rape and kill 40 people every day. He has instilled such dread in the common Cebuanos that the island is covered in posters featuring his image. For the record, he has been the target of numerous rape-related lawsuits, although the most of them are resolved outside of court. Waway was never imprisoned, and eventually his reputation served as a good tool to discourage kids from staying out late.


Jalosjos is a powerful politician who hails from a wealthy clan. Rumor has it that he owns some stock in the TV network GMA and runs the upscale beach resort Dakak. He rose to renown as the Zamboanga del Norte congressman, but he lost favour after being found guilty of raping an 11-year-old girl in 1996.

President Arroyo commuted his sentence, and in 2009, he was released from prison. But in 2013, the Supreme Court made a firm ruling declaring that he was unable to occupy public office.

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